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Zillow | NAR settlement.

the art of war - an interesting perspective on the

Zillow/NAR relationship

"Came an email from Randy:

"Hello Alexa,

My name is Randy Caron, owner of Red Door Realty in Maine. You sound like you have your thumb on the pulse of things. What is your take on Zillow?

They are fully in the mode to cut out all Realtors from pretty much everything...while using our properties to do so. WHY do we tolerate this????. I'd love your opinion."

Yesterday a Realtor told me that she got a Zillow lead who wanted to see 7 homes. When the Realtor asked if she had an agent, she said she wasn't looking to commit to one. She just wanted someone to show her around and was insisting on working with multiple agents.

Zillow is going to have to rethink their approach because without signed agreements, it’s just a waste of money and agents aren’t going to buy more leads.

Rumor is that Zillow will send out our BBA digitally to the buyer requesting a showing. So the go-and-shows will probably take a hit but at least those leads will have some sort of commitment to you.

Or maybe Zillow will be charging listing agents to publish their listings with their contact info and just kill the buyer agents.

Randy, somehow, someway, Zillow and the others need to go away - they are effing all of us. Many do not even realize this and it is appalling. I wish realtors would collectively see how damaging Zillow is to their business and just boycott it.

We still see Realtors showing their clients homes around without any signed agreements. Page 28 of Sec H-58 item 6 says verbatim “all realtor MLS participants working with a buyer enter into a written agreement before the buyer tours any home.

I know that the NAR settlement still needs court approval - but the damage has been done and continues to be spun in the media. No matter how the settlement ends, the word is out.

Come July, all buyers will be required to sign a buyer agency agreement if they want to view a home in person and all agents (including the Zillow, Pop-Tart, and showing agents) will be required to use buyer agency agreements.

It will become so commonplace that buyers will eventually not even question it because it will be the standard practice.

This is one of the good things to come out of these lawsuits.



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